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  • Beth April 2, 2018
    Nextgen gallery

     This article helps you to understand how to use Nextgen gallery in WordPress.

    Why I need to do so?

    Nextgen gallery is used for manage gallery, this is master of image gallery plugin.

     How can I do it myself without impacting website?

    login into wp-admin
    Step1: Type your username
    Step 2: Type your Password
    Step 3: Click to login

    Log_In (
    Now you can see your dashboard window look like:
    Step 4 – Go to your Dashboard and after that look down find plugin option and ensure you have NextGEN Display 1.9x or later
    Step 5 – Go to Display – > Collection. You will see there are as of now four displays in the center section in my case.

    Step 6– Make your first collection by filling in the “Include new collection” region and snap “Include”. I will utilize the name “test collection” yet you can name it whatever you’d like. You will see your new collection show up on the great orange tablet.

    Step 7 -Go to the Drop down called “Select Collection” and select the collection you just made from the dropdown. Notice that the void left field now says “Collection ID X: test-album”.

    Step 8 – After you make and select a collection, you can move an exhibition tablet (from the center section) or another collection tablet (from the correct segment) into your new collection region. When you are done, populating your collection, tap the “Refresh” catch to spare.

    Place an album on a page

    Stage- 1: Go to the altering region of the page or post you might want to put the collection on.

    Stage-2: Place your cursor where you’d like the collection to show up.

    Stage-3: Tap the “Include NextGEN Exhibition” symbol in the toolbar.

    Stage-4: Go to the “Collection” tab.5. Select your collection from the dropdown menu and pick “broadened form” or “reduced form” and select the “Embed” catch.

    Stage 5: Spare your page and view your outcomes. The picture beneath has the two examples of the collection (expanded and minimal).

    Difficulty Level {Easy, Medium, High}


    Total Time Consumed

    15 mints.

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    How to use Nextgen gallery in WordPress
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    How to use Nextgen gallery in WordPress
    Login to your WordPress site and ensure you have NextGEN Display 1.9x or later. Nextgen gallery is used for manage gallery, this is master of image gallery.
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