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  • Abigail December 24, 2017

    Transfer wordpress domain to Another Domain Provider

    Step 1. Getting Started

    First things first, before you make a transfer to a new server make sure you already backup your wordpress directory, images, files and other databases.

    If you are going to migrate it to a new server or to a different location you don’t need to reinstall, wordpress can handle all the situation


    To backup your WordPress database manually: Log in to your phpMyAdmin, click on your WordPress database and select Export

    Ensure that you’re exporting in SQL Format and click Go. Your WordPress database will then be downloaded as a .sql file. I recommend that you save the downloaded SQL file to a special folder on your computer so that you can easily locate it later. You can also use the command line to export a copy of your database

    Using any FTP/SFTP client like FILEZILLA log in to your host by FTP/SFTP and download your htdocs or public_html folder (or anywhere your WordPress installation resides).

    Step 2. Preparing Your Backup for Upload

    Now that we have the backup, we need to modify a few things before we can move on to uploading our backup(s). Before proceeding, login to phpMyAdmin of your new host and create a new database. Note down the name of the database

    Updating the wp-config.php file

    There is some information to be modified in our WordPress configuration file before moving on. Extract the ZIP archive of the WordPress installation folder you downloaded earlier, locate the wp-config.php file and open it for editing using your favorite text editor such as Notepad and Notepad++.

    Edit the lines below, replace with the details of your new host and save.

    define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘replace_with_database_name_you_noted_down’);

    /** MySQL database username */

    define(‘DB_USER’, ‘replace_with_new_host_mysql_user_name’);

    /** MySQL database password */
    define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘replace_with_new_host_mysql_password’);

    /** MySQL hostname */
    define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘replace_with_new_mysql_host’);

    Step 3. Uploading your backup

    To upload the database backup, log into your phpMyAdmin in your new host and click the Import menu and then Select the SQL database backup and upload.

    Step 4. Updating the WordPress Home URL and Site URL

    If you’re moving to a new domain, ensure you have successfully pointed your new domain to your hosting account (refer to your hosting support documentation for the exact details).

    Manually Updating the WordPress Home URL and Site URL

    To manually update your WordPress Home URL and Site URL, login back to your phpMyAdmin, open your WordPress database, click on the wp_options table and modify the values of the site_url and home column with your new URL.

    Step 5. Reactivating All Plugins and Updating Permalinks

    Now that everything is working fine, go ahead and activate your necessary plugins. To do that, navigate to Plugins -> installed plugins, select activate from the Bulk action dropdown and hit the Apply button.

    To update your permalinks, go to Settings -> Permalinks, select your desired permalinks structure and Save Changes.

    How to transfer wordpress domain to Another Domain Provider?
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    How to transfer wordpress domain to Another Domain Provider?
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