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  • Abigail December 24, 2017

    transfer from Weebly to WordPress

    Step 1. Getting Started

    To start a WordPress blog, you need two things:

    1. A domain name
    2. A web hosting account (this is where your website lives on the internet)

    Step 2. Export Content From Your Weebly Website

    Head over to Weebly to WordPress Importer website and enter your Weebly website URL.

    You will be asked to provide your name, email address, and to select an export format.

    The default option is WXR format, and you should not change that unless you run into an issue later.

    Next, you need to choose whether you want to include pages in your export file. The default option is ‘Yes’, and you don’t need to change that either, unless you really don’t want to export Weebly pages.

    After that, you need to click on ‘Export my Weebly Website’ button.

    Weebly to WordPress Importer will now fetch content from your Weebly website and convert it into a WordPress compatible export file. You will see a button to download your Weebly export file. You need to right click on it and select ‘Save link as’ from the menu. This will download export.xml file to your computer.

    Step 3. Import Weebly Content into WordPress

    Now that you have your Weebly content in a WordPress compatible format, it is time to import it into WordPress.

    Login to your admin area and head over to Tools » Import page.

    You will see a list of importers available for different platforms. You need to scroll down to WordPress and then click on the ‘Install Now’ link. WordPress will now fetch the importer plugin and install it on your WordPress site without reloading the page. Once it is installed, you need to click on ‘Run Importer’ to launch it. This will bring you to the WordPress importer page. Go ahead and click on ‘Choose file’ button to select the export.xml file you downloaded earlier. Next, click on ‘Upload file and import’ button to continue. WordPress importer will now upload your export file and analyze it. On the next screen, it will ask you to assign authors. You can import an author from your Weebly website, create a new author, or assign all content to your existing WordPress user.

    Don’t forget to check the box next to ‘Download and import file attachments’ option. It will fetch images from your Weebly website into WordPress media library, so you can use them later.

    You can now click on the Submit button to run the importer. WordPress will now import content from the export file to your WordPress database. It will also try to fetch images linked in your Weebly blog posts and pages.

    Upon completion you will see a success message. Congratulations, you have successfully imported content from your Weebly blog to WordPress.

    How to transfer from Weebly to WordPress?
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    How to transfer from Weebly to WordPress?
    Weebly to WordPress Importer will now fetch content from your Weebly website and convert it into a WordPress compatible export file.
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