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  • Magento Website Builder v/s WordPress
    Brian January 10, 2018

    Magento Website Builder Magento is perhaps the best ecommerce platform out there. It’s built on open-source technology, which means you can get the software for free. Simple as that. just like WordPress, is based on an open source technology. It is an e-commerce platform having dedicated e-commerce features that have been trusted by online store […]

    Godaddy Website Builder v/s WordPress
    Brian January 10, 2018

    Godaddy’s website builder Godaddy’s website builder can be used only by Godaddy customers. WordPress on the other hand is a complete CMS which means you get page designer plus a full fledge database system with dashboard allowing you to literally do anything from simple user accounts to creating a full fledged ecommerce website. WordPress hosting […]

    Difference Between WordPress vs Shopify
    Brian January 10, 2018

    As every brand has a different personality, whether it is negative or positive. And it will reach much deeper when we will be talking business. A properly craft website with engaging content and design could assist you to scheme a complete brand identity and to integrate with the ongoing brand strategy with WordPress or Shopify […]

    Difference Between Tumblr v/s WordPress
    Brian January 9, 2018

    No matter how sweet you are trying to make your online marketing venture, it all depends upon choosing the right kind of platform. In terms of planning and site architecture, Tumblr and WordPress, both could deliver pleasing results and easy to handle platform with lots of feel good factors. Yet, should you need to choose […]

    Difference Between WordPress v/s Weebly
    Brian January 9, 2018

    The digital transformation of a business could start at any time, yet the question will be burning underneath, which platform are you going to use, when there are a whole bunch of CMS and site management systems available? WordPress and Weebly, both are renowned for their easy to use content management system and effortless handling […]

    Difference Between Wix versus WordPress
    Brian January 9, 2018

    Every successful business on the web and off the web requires big ideas, creative people and new technology. Most importantly, a business requires deep understanding of the web marketing policies and proper allotment of the budget. Wix and WordPress are both committed to deliver fact-based and easy to use platform for website management. In addition, […]

    use Paypal
    Beth January 5, 2018

    This article helps you to understand how to use Paypal in WordPress website. Why I need to do so? We needs use Paypal,because sometime customer, client want to make payment it’s easy way to do transaction, it is safe and secure as other payment gateway method. How can I do it myself without impacting website? […]

    online magazine
    Beth January 5, 2018

    This article helps you to understand how to make an online magazine with WordPress. Why I need to make an online magazine? We are living in age of machinery and this time to move online so you needs Domain and hosting where you make own online magazine How can I do it myself without impacting […]

    Beth January 5, 2018

    This article helps you to understand how to duplicate website in WordPress. Why I need to do duplicate website? if you’ve been hit with multiple spam recovery is a long and difficult in your site.and you have that much traffic to being with, you might just want to start from scratch. How can I do […]

    Beth January 4, 2018

    This article will help you to understand, How to add HTML to WordPress ? There may be times when you want to use HTML in your WordPress website. For example you may prefer to code a hyperlink by hand, or adjust the header sizes. In this tutorial we will show you how to view/add HTML […]

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