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  • Abigail November 19, 2017

    This article helps you to understand how to move a wordpress site to a new server?
    This article consists of following topics:

    • Why I need so?
    • How can do it myself without impacting websites?
    • Difficulty level [Easy, Medium, Hard].
    • Total time consumed.

    Why i need to do so?

    If you’ve been hit with multiple spam recovery is a long and difficult in your site. If you didn’t have that much traffic to begin with, you might just want to start from scratch. Often, in a new business, you discover that you need to completely change your direction. Sometimes, you’ll want to start over with a new name and a new site.Then you easily move a wordpress site in a new server.

    How can i do it myself without impacting website?

    To move a wordpress site to new server follow the steps:

    Create Backup of your website

    login into wp-admin
    Step1: Put your Username
    Step2: Put your Password
    Step3: Click Login

    Now you can see your Dashboard look like:


    3:Install the plugin Duplicator
    Step1:Go to sidebar menu and click on Plugins
    Step2: Click on add newPlugin
    Step3: Go to search box and type duplicator
    Step4: Click on Install Now

    Search plugin

    Step5: Activate plugin by click on Activate

    Activate Plugin

    you can see Duplicator plugin add in the sidebar menu.

    4:Create Backup of website/Build a Package
    Step1: Go to sidebar and click on Duplicator
    Step2: Click on create new

    Create Pacakage

    Step3: In a 1-Setup of your package, Name of your package already given.
    Step4: Click on NextPackage
    Step5: After set up Scan the package
    Step6: After complete scanning click on BuildScan
    Step7:After Building package there are two files genrate:
    1: archive of your site (as a .ZIP file) 
    2: installer file (as a .PHP file).Package Complete

    Download both files by click on Installer and Archive , Which is saved in a download folder in your local machine.

    Upload on server
    1:Log in your cPpanal
    Step1: type your user name
    Step2: Type your Password
    Step3: Click on Log in

    Cpanal Login
    2: Create New Database
    Step1:Go to DATABASE Section and click on MySQL Database

     cpanal files
    Step2: write Database Name(my_db1)
    Step3: Click on Create Database

    Create Database
    Then get a message (added the database).Click on Go Back.

    Successful Message

    3:Add New User:
    Step1: Write Username(anju)
    Step2: Type Password
    Step3: Retype Password
    Step4: Click on Create User
    Add New User
    Now you get a message(Successfully created a MySQL user).Click on Go Back.Successful Message
    4:Add User to Database
    Step1: Select user by drop-down menu
    Step2: Select database by drop-down menu
    Step3: Click on Add.Add User to Database

    5:After that Manage User Privileges
    Step1: Check the box All Privileges
    Step2: Click on Make Changes

    Manage user Privileges
    You get a message(requested privileges on the database).Click on Go BackSuccessful Message
    Now you can see your database and user crate successfully.Current Database

    Current Users
    6:Upload Files
    Step1: Go to files in cPanal
    Step2: Click on File ManagerFile Manager
    Step3: Click on public_html
    Step4: Click on  uploadpublic_html

    Step5: Select files to upload from your computer one by one. Its take a time in uploading depend on size.

    upload filesYou can see both of files download successfully.

    uploadRefresh cPanal and see both files here.

    files shown

    Now your website become live. open your browser and paste the url of your site.


    Difficulty Level {Easy, Medium, High}


    Total Time Consumed

    1 Hour

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    how to move a wordpress site to a new server By using Duplicator?
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    how to move a wordpress site to a new server By using Duplicator?
    Sometimes, you’ll want to start over with a new name and a new site.Then you easily move your wordpress site in a new server.
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