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  • Brian January 10, 2018
    Magento Website Builder v/s WordPress

    Magento Website Builder

    Magento is perhaps the best ecommerce platform out there. It’s built on open-source technology, which means you can get the software for free. Simple as that. just like WordPress, is based on an open source technology. It is an e-commerce platform having dedicated e-commerce features that have been trusted by online store owners, including some of the world’s prominent brands, ranging from small businesses to large multinational corporations they both offers free platforms. Magento can offer you the most versatility in how you are able to do so. With it you can set up a multi-vendor online marketplace and sell both physical and digital products. While WordPress can handle some e-Commerce functions through plugins. Such as selling digital products that do not require any complex shipping.

    Difference between Magento And WordPress

    When it comes to choosing between Magento and WordPress for your ecommerce website, you’ll need to discover your main area of concern. Is it time and cost? Is it scalability and security?.

    Magento is a dedicated ecommerce platform, while WordPress began as a blogging platform that now has a huge amount of flexibility. So your ultimate choice will depend on exactly how many products you plan to sell online and what the focus of your website is going to be.

    If you want to start a web store that sells 100s or 1000s of products, you’ll need to look at Magento. But if your main focus is going to be publishing content online. Alongside the sale of 10-20 products, WordPress could offer some appealing benefits.

    Magento and WordPress are very different platforms, built for very different purposes. So if you plan on building a site that is focus on just selling lots of products, go with it. Or if you plan on selling just a few products and want to publish lots of content alongside them, go with WordPress.

    But what if you want to do both? Yes—you can use both platforms for different areas of your site. Your online store can be power by Magento while your blog runs on WordPress.

    There are slightly different ways of implementing this (subdomains vs. subfolders). So make sure you speak to some experienced developers about this. Each platform may have different server requirements and this certainly won’t be the cheapest way to set up your site.

    Magento Website Builder v/s WordPress
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    Magento Website Builder v/s WordPress
    Magento is perhaps the best eCommerce platform out there. It’s built on open-source technology, which means you can get the software for free.
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