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  • Lifetime Plan

    Life Time Hosting and Support


    Why Lifetime WordPress Hosting & WordPress Support ?

    There are many hosts who claim to have better resources for WordPress Hosting but few customers do not understand that Hosting Companies are selling just the server space where any application can be installed and when it comes to the real WordPress Support of the Application (WordPress), they do not have WordPress Professionals to help the customer. Hosting Companies have only hosting experts who are Linux or Windows Server Engineers only.

    Another problem arises when a customer demands a backup of the site, he/she ends up paying recurring fees on top of the hosting plan or they do not get backup at all. So, either the customer lose the site or content in most of the cases.

    Few WordPress Customers do not understand that a website of 5-50 pages do not consume even 200 MB of server space & they keep on checking a hosting provider with unlimited space (There is nothing called Unlimited when it comes to computers/servers).

    It becomes worse when customer site is down due to storage or bandwidth issues, Support engineers charge them $300-$500 for allocation of more space or bandwidth. Since, a running business cannot afford a Blank Website, The customer has to pay this heavy theft.

    For 1 business email, some hosts charge about $2.5/month per user.

    Top of all this, hosting companies charge $40-$400 per year for even 1 website hosting.

    Also, if there is a small content update on the website, there is no one to make the changes because most of the time developers of the website is not available for support or charge a heavy amount because the consumer is not technical at all. Since, customers do not know much about WordPress, they keep wasting time on researching Forums/Blogs and other Media know the answer of their technical problems or to find best theme/plugin for their specific requirement.

    Due to all above, we have decided to come up with a plan where the customer needs to focus on business and forget about hosting, Technical Support and emails.

    WordPress Hosting & Support Features

    • Single Payment for whole life for one website.
    • Managed WordPress Hosting.
    • 24×7 Phone/Chat/Ticket Support for Hosting Issues.
    • 24×7 Phone/Chat/Ticket Support for WordPress Technical Issues.
    • Unlimited Support for WordPress Integrations like payment gateway, Mailchimp, CRM, Invoice, Telephony, Chat or anything else.
    • No Extra charges for Backup
    • Free Virus Scan.
    • Free Speed Optimization.
    • 10 Business Email ( 5 GB Each) – Free for Lifetime.
    • Auto-Scaling Storage – automatically increase space if needed.
    • Auto-Scaling Bandwidth – Will automatically increase bandwidth if needed.
    • C-panel (FTP, PhpMyadmin & Other C-panel Features)
    • Full Admin Rights for wordpress & C-panel.
    • Automatic WordPress core software and security updates.
    • Access to 1,000s of free themes and plugins
    • Migrate your existing site from WordPress.com to us (No Extra Cost)
    • Migrate your existing site from Any other host to us (No Extra Cost)
    • 60 Minutes Editing Tasks (Every Month) – Small Updates like content change, content addition or anything else other than the
    • Enhancement (New Functions in the website) . This is like you have a Virtual Assistant helping you out with website & you are relaxed.
    • Free Video Tutorial of WordPress.
    • Free Step by Step guides with Screenshots on WordPress – 200+ Tutorials.
    • Much More




    • Manage Updates, Plugins & Themes
    • Website Backup
    • Website Clone
    • Performance Check
    • Security Check
    • Client Reports
    • Analytics
    • Manage Comments
    • Maintenance Mode
    • Vulnerability Updates
    • WordPress Step by Step Guide
    • SEO Ranking
    • Uptime Monitor
    • Email Support
    • Skype
    • Phone Support
    • Ticket Support
    • Chat
    • WordPress Hosting
    • Business Emails
    • WordPress Technical Issues Support
    • WordPress Integration
    • Virus Scan
    • Speed Optimization
    • Auto Scaling Storage
    • Auto Scaling Bandwidth
    • Cpanel
    • WordPress Premium Themes
    • Migration from .com to us
    • Migration from Other Hosts to us
    • WordPress Content Updation
    • WordPress Video Tutorial


    Life Time WP Support & Hosting Plan

    $2100/One Time
    $999/One Time
    • Weekly
    • Weekly
    • On Demand
    • Daily
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Weekly
    • Weekly
    • On Demand
    • Weekly
    • Free
    • Weekly
    • Daily
    • Yes(24×7)
    • Yes(24×7)
    • Yes(24×7)
    • Yes(24×7)
    • Yes(24×7)
    • Yes
    • 10
    • Unlimited
    • Unlimited
    • Unlimited
    • Free
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • Yes
    • 3000+
    • Yes
    • Free
    • 60 Min a Month by our Team.
    • Free

    $999/One Time

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