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  • Brian January 10, 2018
    Godaddy Website Builder v/s WordPress

    Godaddy’s website builder

    Godaddy’s website builder can be used only by Godaddy customers. WordPress on the other hand is a complete CMS which means you get page designer plus a full fledge database system with dashboard allowing you to literally do anything from simple user accounts to creating a full fledged ecommerce website. WordPress hosting is something which anyone can offer, you can install on hosting that you purchase separately. If you are setting up a website and want unlimited options, maximum control, unlimited versatility and cheaper pricing. Then self-hosting a WordPress powered website is likely for you. But If you are looking for a product that will get you a website quickly simply with no hassles. And your website is not critical to your long-term business growth. Then GoDaddy website builder would be a good fit.

    But GoDaddy doesn’t make it easy to open an online store. The main site builder doesn’t include anything for eCommerce. But you can use a separate online store builder for twice as much as the premium site builder plan. If you’re looking for a site builder host that’s a little more friendly to online businesses.

    WordPress CMS

    CMS’s like WordPress are powerful but have a learning curve. Website builders are less powerful but easier to use.

    GoDaddy has its strengths and is trusted by more than 16 million customers around the world, the website builder is not as robust or feature-rich as WordPress platform. The lack of snap to grid functionality makes perfecting design a tedious process. Particularly for non developers or designers (the bulk of the GoDaddy customer base). We suggest going with WordPress since it powers more than 28% of the Internet. There’s a large community behind it. So you’ll easily get support for it.

    Godaddys’ builder can not stand against WordPress. WordPress is open source and free with no limitations.

    Godaddy Website Builder v/s WordPress
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    Godaddy Website Builder v/s WordPress
    GoDaddy has its strength & is trusted by more than 16 million customers around the world, the website builder is not as robust or feature-rich as WordPress.
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