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  • Beth January 5, 2018

    This article helps you to understand how to duplicate website in WordPress.

    Why I need to do duplicate website?

    if you’ve been hit with multiple spam recovery is a long and difficult in your site.and you have that much traffic to being with, you might just want to start from scratch.

    How can I do it myself without impacting website?

    1. Log into your cpanel

    2. You needs to Create a subdomain (yoursite.example.com).

    3. Go to your File Manager and make sure that you select Show Hidden Files when you select the directory to be opened.

    4. Copy your WordPress Files from your course directory to the document root enjoining constitute for your subdomain, and also, noise in the directory that restrain your WordPress installation and copy the .htaccess thread. This line necessarily to reside in the same location where you have copied your WordPress row or at the root of the new locality. The .htaccess file may contain significant references to your incidental WordPress setting up. Depending on your installation setup, you may indigence to face for this file in the root of the account. Let’s say, InMotion Hosting customarily uses a document base of “public_html.” Check this location for the .htaccess file if you did not find one in the original setting up location for your WordPress place.duplicate website

    Difficulty Level {Easy, Medium, High}


    Total Time Consumed

    1 Hour or more.

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    How to duplicate website in WordPress
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    How to duplicate website in WordPress
    if you've been hit with multiple spam recovery is a long and difficult in your site. Then you can duplicate website a WordPress easily.
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