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  • Brian November 9, 2017
    How to Reinstall Wordpress

    This article helps you to understand how to reinstall WordPress .

    1. Why we need to do so

    Your WordPress site is hacked. Then you need to reinstall WordPress. You are encountering a common WordPress error on your site. Do you want to troubleshoot these WordPress errors on your own? Then you need to reinstall the WordPress.

    2. How can do it myself without impacting web site

    There are following steps how to reinstall in wordpress

    1:- Create Backup

    If you want to change wordpress site. Then first of all create a backup in your site. You can use a WordPress backup plugin to do this.
    Example: – Duplicator plugins.

    2:- Export your wordpress content

    This file is contain post, comments, tag, pages and categories.
    Login to the WordPress admin area then go to the tools >> exports page. select all content and then click download file export button.


    3:- Download the wp-content folder

    Wp-content folder are contain the themes, plugins, images and uploads file. Connect to your WordPress site using an FTP client or File Manager in c Panel. And go to the remote site then click wp-content on right click and download it to your computer.

    wp-content folder

    4:- Uninstall WordPress

    You delete the all wordpress files.

    5:- Go to the cpanel and click on the MySQL database

    MySQL databases

    7:- Click create database after that scroll down to add MySQL user’s

    MySQL user’s

    8:- Select user name and database

    User name and database

    9:- Install WordPress (Reinstall wordpress)

    You need to download the WordPress from WordPress.org

    Install WordPress

    After downloading WordPress, you need to unzip the download file. Open the wordpress and all files upload the remote side through FTP Clents.

    10:- Select all files and then click right side and go to upload link click

    Upload link click

    After downloading the WordPress files then go to the visit your site

    11:- Enter the URL:- domainname/wordpress/wp-admin

    12:- After click submit button and click run the install

    Click run the install

    13:- Next step is enter the site information. And click install WordPress.

    Click install WordPress

    14:- You will need to restore your uploads, images, and theme located inside the wp-content folder you downloaded earlier.

    You need to select the /wp-content/uploads/ folder from your computer and upload it to your website.

    Restore your Upload

    15:- Import content then go to the Tools >> Import page and then click install now

    Import page

    16:- Click choose file button select the XML file and after that click upload file and import.

    XML file

    17:- Click submit button

    Click submit button

    18:- Install the plugin one by one.

    3. Difficulty Level {Easy, Medium, High}


    4. Total Time Consumed

    30 – 45 Minutes

    5. Related Plugins

    Backup related plugins:- Duplicator.




    How to Reinstall in WordPress?
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    How to Reinstall in WordPress?
    Your WordPress site is hacked. Then you need to reinstall WordPress. You are encountering a common WordPress error on your site.
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