• Brian January 10, 2018
    Difference Between WordPress vs Shopify

    Shopify Website Builder

    Shopify is solely an eCommerce platform and thus is already a hosted site includes a free site builder tool, and allow you to boast an unlimited number of products with unlimited file storage as well. It also has a “Buy button” functionality that allows you to use Shopify as Point of Sale (POS) / Inventory option and let customers click to buy your products anywhere online (Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, WordPress blog, etc). I’ll be looking less at that – and more at Shopify’s full online store package. You can get the Buy button only as part of the Lite Plan. But it competes with PayPal rather than full online store options.

    For marketing campaigns (such as email, AdWords, etc), Shopify allows you to quickly and easily create landing pages. Which is a key differentiating factor between other all-in-one platforms (and some DIY platforms). Shopify comes with a ton of features built-in. But no platform can possibly accommodate all the features needed by store owners. So Shopify took a page from Facebook, Apple, Android, and started an App Store. Shopify provides the platform and all the core features and allows developers to offer hyper-specialized products that plugin seamlessly to Shopify’s platform

    It offers everything you need to run an efficient and lucrative online business. But the big downside here is Every new site gets a custom subdomain like tumblr. For example something like: YOURSITENAME.shopify.com.

    WordPress Features

    WordPress, in the other hand is an all-in-one website software. It allows you to build any kind of website. You have lots of different design options to choose and pick from. You can also have lots and lots of plugins. Because we’re on the WordPress platform, there are going to be a lot of free options for us but there are also going to be paid options there for plugins and sometimes the features that you might want are going to require to be paid. Provided that you can handle the slightly technical setup involving installing the software itself, installing plugins, installing a theme, and then installing an e-commerce plugin to handle the store operations wordpress will be a good choice

    So, overall, I’m going to say to you that I think Shopify wins as a proof of concept. Let’s call it that. A proof of concept website. So, if you’re just getting started with an e-commerce website and you’re thinking I don’t know which one to use. I think it’s pretty phenomenal to go ahead and use Shopify. It’s literally set up in a few minutes and you’re off and running with a very simple, very basic website. Fantastic for that.

    But if you need something a little more advanced, and you really want to get technical and put in some really cool widgets and plugins and extra bells and whistles, you want to look at WooCommerce.

    Difference Between WordPress vs Shopify
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    Difference Between WordPress vs Shopify
    Shopify is solely an eCommerce platform and thus is already a hosted site includes a free site builder tool, and allow you to boast an unlimited number.
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