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    Difference Between WordPress v.s Drupal

    About Drupal

    Drupal is written in the PHP programming language. Since the beginning of the project, Drupal has evolved from being mainly a tool for building smaller sites to one that can now power enterprise-level platforms websites and applications from all over the world. Drupal software is ready to use upon download and also includes a Web-based installer and add on modules. The software supports content management, collaborative authoring, newsletters, podcasts, image galleries, peer-to-peer networking, file uploads/downloads and more which make Drupal similar to WordPress, but they both have huge difference on each other.

    When it comes to development, Drupal has always had a relatively closed community. Not because people are unfriendly, but mainly because of the code typically being written in a Drupal way (resulting in what sometimes is referred to as Drupalisms). This has meant a learning curve for any developer starting up. But also less interest from developers of other PHP projects to jump in and contribute


    While WordPress has the biggest community of all resulting to more options, flexibility and of course Manageability which is the major difference between this two. WordPress plugins are generally easier to manage without needing a developer unlike Drupal you’ll need a developer to handle installing or updating any modules, the programming itself is rarely anything “hard,” but it takes a lot of effort & experience to understand the concepts, flow, and the implications of the changes you’re making. Tasks which would be relatively trivial to implement in a custom application can take monumental amounts of work. While WordPress has a more user-friendly dashboard with a intuitive, polished UI. And easy out of the box functionality for content creators and editors.

    This makes the learning curve for user easier. And can reduce the reliance on an outside agency to complete simpler. And often time-sensitive, editing and upload tasks with automatic updates. So the user does not have to manually deploy code. However, with the most recent version of Drupal auto-updates are build in too. Regarding database and volumes of traffic Drupal sites are very scalable. Faster and less resource-intensive than WordPress it can run websites with vast amounts of content. But still wordpress is an easier publishing platform with multi-authoring built-in and many user profiles already created. At the end of the day, it’s in your (and your client’s) best interest to scope out the projects properly. And pick the best tool for the job, which may not be the one you’re most experienced with.

    Difference Between WordPress v.s Drupal
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    Difference Between WordPress v.s Drupal
    Drupal software is ready to use upon download & also includes a Web-based installer & add on modules. The software supports content management system.
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