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  • Beth November 16, 2017

    This article helps you to understand how to change WordPress password?

    This article consists of following topics:

    1. Why I need to do so?
    2. How can i do it myself without impacting web site.
    3. Difficulty Level {Easy, Medium, High} 
    4. Total Time Consumed 

    Why I need to change WordPress password?

    For provide security to our site we need change a weak password to a strong password. Because weak password
    may be harmful for our site. So, for provide the security to our site we need to change password.

    How can I do it myself without impacting website.

    For start the process of change password first thing you need to do is log in to your WordPress website Dashboard. You will do this by going to something like: yoursite.com/login/

    Once you are logged in your dashboard, go to Users » Your Profile.

    Then click on Your profile
    your profileScroll down until you see New Password option. Add your new password twice. The strength indicator bar below will tell you the strength of your passwords. You want to make sure that your password is strong. A strong password is easy for you to remember and hard for someone to guess.change WordPress password

    Once you have typed your new password, click on the Update Profile button to save your new password. That’s it.
    Congratulations, you have successfully changed your WordPress password.

    Difficulty Level {Easy, Medium, High}


    Total Time Consumed

    3-5 Minutes
    How to change WordPress password?
    Article Name
    How to change WordPress password?
    To provide the security to our site we need to change WordPress password, because Hackers attacks WordPress sites with over 96, 978 times per minute.
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    WordPress Support LLC
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