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  • Beth December 25, 2017
    change theme

    This article will help you to understand how to change theme on wordpress.

    Why I need to change theme on wordpress?

    WordPress is used to create all kind of websites. wordpress theme are files that work together to create the functionality and the design of a wordpress site. Each Theme may be different. WordPress is a perfect platform on which to build a documentation website. Themes take the content and data stored by WordPress and display it in the browser

    One of the benefits of WordPress is the ability to change your theme any time you want to. With over 3000 themes available in the WordPress directory you can literally install dozens before you get the perfect theme for your site. And, there are hundreds of themes not found in the directory; many of them are premium themes with nice layouts and features.

    How can I do it myself without impacting websites?

    For changing themes you need to make backup of your site first

    Browse themes and choose what you like.

    To activate a theme >Log in to Dashboard .



    Click Appearance then after  Theme-> Themes in any site’s dashboard or the Theme Showcase. you need  to click on the three dots to the right of the theme’s name and then click on Activate.

    click the Save & Activate or Purchase button in the top left corner of the Customizer window. 

    If you already know this is the theme you want, you can go ahead and click on Save & Activate or Purchase. Purchasing a theme will activate it by default.

    Difficulty level


    Total Time Consumed

    10 minutes

    Related Plugins

    This theme don’t required any extra plugin but there are other themes which require plugin to function properly

    This is for WordPress.com or Org ?


    how to change theme on wordpress
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    how to change theme on wordpress
    There are some easy step to change theme on website. 1:-Go to the Dashboard login Admin, 2:-Click Appearance then after Theme-> Add new button.
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